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Committees of the Kalispell Chamber of Commerce

Agribusiness – Mark Lalum, Chairperson
The Agribusiness Committee is made up a representatives from member businesses, community leaders, Kalispell Chamber staff and representatives from local 4H and Future Farmer of America (FFA) organizations. The role of the Agribusiness Committee is to promote a greater awareness and better understanding of the agriculture industry in Flathead County. Additionally, the Agribusiness Committee has a sub-committee that is at the heart of planning the Northwest Montana Market Livestock Sale. The Agribusiness Committee advises the Board of Directors on agriculture policy issues and assists in coordinating the Kalispell Chamber’s Made in the Flathead initiatives.
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Ambassadors – Kristin Ahonen, Chairperson
Currently made up of 30 representatives from member businesses, the Ambassador Committee is the core group of individuals who provide outstanding support and public relations for all Kalispell Chamber events, member events, and community events. Ambassadors are responsible for delivering first-dollar plaques to new members, delivering first-dollar plaques to all new businesses in town, assist in executing monthly luncheons and UNWINDS, can be seen at every parade, and are integral in the success of the Kalispell Chamber’s Annual Banquet. The Ambassador Committee helps promote the Kalispell Chamber to potential members and serves as a team of well-wishers across the community. The committee meets the second Wednesday of every month.
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Education & Communication- Mike Wood, Chairperson
The Education and Communication Committee meets the first Thursday of every month and is responsible for determining many of the top communication priorities of the Kalispell Chamber. Comprised of 11 community and business leaders and Kalispell Chamber staff, the decisions that come from the Education and Communication Committee result in the topics scheduled for the Monthly Luncheon Series and steer many of the advancements from year to year for other Kalispell Chamber programs such as Flathead MFG Day and Small Business Saturday. This committee is also responsible for building and maintaining strong relationships with the local education system to ensure a skilled workforce.
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Government Affairs Committee – Jerry Sorensen, Chairperson
The Government Affairs Committee meets the second Monday of every month during a non-legislative year and every other Friday during the Montana State Legislative Session. The Government Affairs Committee prodices advice and counsel to the Board of Directors not covered by other standing policy sommittees including: Montana legislative issues, city and county land use and development issues, and local taxation issues. The Government Affairs Committee is comprised of Kalispell Chamber staff, 50 local business leaders and community advisors. The Government Affairs Committee works in tandem with the contracted lobbyists for the Kalispell Chamber who are located at the state capitol in Helena, MT.
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Leadership Flathead – Diane Morton Stout, Program Director
Leadership Flathead is a collaborative leadership development course that strengthens the ability of current and emerging leaders to spearhead positive change in the Flathead Valley. At the heart of the program are nine day-long sessions and an overnight retreat dedicated to increasing participants’ awareness of significant issues and developing their leadership skills, all the while building a tightly knit network of community leaders. The program is overseen by a part-time Program Manager, Kalispell Chamber staff members, and an advisory committee that assists in steering topic and program development.
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Manufacturers Alliance – Mike Nye, Chairperson
The Manufacturers Alliance was founded to inform policymakers, legislators, the public, and the media about manufacturing’s vital leadership role in innovation, job creation, and economic vitality; encourage policies and activities that support innovation and business successl and, ensure that manufacturers have access to the workforce they need. The Manufacturers Alliance is comprised of all manufacturing members of the Kalispell Chamber, plus Chamber staff, and is a regional affiliate of the National Assoication of Manufacturers. They key communications from this committee is most active surrounding Flathead MFG Day and the Flathead Timber Tour, a function of Montana Forest Products Week.
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Tourism Alliance – Joe Unterreiner, Chairperson
The mission of the Kalispell Chamber’s new Tourism Alliance is to utilize the business-to-consumer strength of the KCVB and the business-to-business capabilities of the Chamber to realize the impact tourism has on local jobs, economic expansion, and the well-being of our community. Tourism Alliance will develop fully in 2017 and include representation from Kalispell Chamber staff, local hoteliers, restaurant owners, developers, educators, and representation from elected officials.
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